Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crouch Reacts to Reports of Racial Slurs at Gtown

This from the Herald-Leader:
Georgetown College officials called a campus-wide assembly Monday afternoon to address tension related to allegations that racial slurs were directed toward a black student.

Tevin Lloyd, a freshman from Texas, has alleged that students associated with Kappa Alpha Order fraternity yelled racial slurs at him as he and other members of the President's House Association held the annual Boxer Run on campus.

There also have been complaints that a Confederate flag was displayed in the common area of the dormitory that Kappa Alpha members share with other students and that photos were posted on the fraternity's Web site depicting members wearing Confederate uniforms, said Jim Allison, associate vice president for college relations.

Racially charged graffiti was found on the walls in the men's restroom in another building, he said.

President William Crouch said during Monday's assembly of about 800 that the college has increased security and set up a hot line for students to report disrespectful behavior and that it will add a clause to its student handbook outlining penalties for students who make racial slurs. Crouch said he is setting up a task force to "examine our current campus culture and climate." ...

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