Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Henderson Supt says State Miscalculations Costly

Cuts "gut the quality" of the school system

This from WFIE:

Officials in Henderson County are scrambling to cut more than $500,000 from this year's school budget. School officials say the state miscalculated enrollment rates, and now the new cuts are on the fast track.

What is urgent about this situation is that the state is not warning schools that their budget will be cut next year, instead the cuts are coming this school year.

It appears education officials in Frankfort may have made a very costly mistake, and now Dr. Richey says school systems statewide will pay the price.

"For Henderson County, it represented a cut of $531,000," said Dr. Thomas Richey, Henderson County Schools Superintendent.

Richey says the cuts will actually be much deeper, probably close to $800,000. He says there will probably be more cuts announced after the legislature gets through with this session.

It seems like a never ending story, cuts after cuts being made in Frankfort, leaving the individual school systems to decide how they'll survive.

"I use the word gut because that's exactly what it is," said Richey. "You begin to gut the quality you've built into your system."...

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