Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Kentucky Education

The state constitution expresses the will of the people. It requires the legislature to provide schools that meet the goals of the state. What are those goals? ...and has the state provided those schools for its citizens?

In early days, when the state's goals were low (readin', writin/ and 'rithmetic), some children had access to good schools, while most had access to some kind of schooling - but a good education was not equally available to all. There was nothing so important as access to the best teachers. Where one lived mattered. Wealth mattered. Gender mattered. Race mattered.

We hear a lot about what Kentucky's school system is supposed to produce.

In the end, Kentucky's citizens will have the schools its legislature builds. We know how to build them for 1950, and we'd better find out how to build them for the 21st century. But in the end, the state and its citizens will get what we pay for - provided the system is efficiently operated; as is also required by the constitution.

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