Friday, April 1, 2011

Schools brace for education reforms

And are implementing new standards
at different paces

This from CN/2:
Kentucky’s public school teachers must begin using a revamped curriculum based on a new set of standards starting with the upcoming 2011-12 school year. Not all of them have been able to implement the new standards and teaching tools at the same pace.

Campbell County Schools, for instance, have been trying out the new lesson plans geared toward revamped standards this year. Other school districts, such as the more rural Robertson County Schools, are hoping to be ready by the fall.

The legislature required the new standards and curriculum — and testing system as well — as part of Senate Bill 1, which the General Assembly passed in 2009. The overarching goal has been to craft the standards so that when students graduate high school they have learned what colleges and businesses expect them to know.

Here’s a look from inside the classrooms at how that is going and it will affect Kentucky’s teachers and students:

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