Monday, January 31, 2011

Fayette County Looking into Transportation Allegations

KSN&C received a short note from Fayette County Schools' spokeswoman Lisa Deffendall in response to a few questions about recent allegations made regarding the Transportation Department.

* With regard to an allegation that:
That an African American bus driver was passed over for a position for which the individual was most qualified. That employee grieved. After that, the employee was disciplined for "not following in line" during a field trip (no kidding) and was removed from the "trip list" - thus reducing the employees ability to earn wages. And that 90-days had passed before the greivance process was completed, rather than the 10-days called for in policy - by which time, the disputed position had gone to a white driver.
On word from Superintendent Silberman, Deffendall says the district is looking into it.

* On the allegation that:
That a Transportation Department administrator is using a district vehicle as their personal car - even to the point that the individual is on sick leave, but the car is at the individual's home and not available for district use.

Silberman said they have checked into the allegation and have found nothing to substantiate that the car has been used for personal use.

* Finally, KSN&C filed an open records request for a copy of all grievances filed and disciplinary reports written in the Fayette County School District, (Transportation and elsewhere) where sexual harassment or workplace bullying was alleged, between the dates of August 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.

The district will respond once any pertainent documents have been identified.

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